From individual seal stamps to exclusive embossing calipers and contemporary applications such as screensavers, e-mail signatures or websites, practically everything can be realized. With the completion of your monogram you also get the digital data, so you are completely flexible and independent with regards to later applications.

  • Seal stamp

    If you have ever held one of our seal stamps in your hands, you will agree that these look and feel like a piece of jewelery. The stamps are made in Zurich by hand from walnut wood. The brass head is provided with your individual engraving and is available in a diameter of 17 mm or in a square 15×15 mm. Upon request, other shapes and sizes can be made.

    Price: CHF 190.–
    (including engraving, excluding monogram design, shipping and handling)

  • Embosser

    This type of embosser went through tough testing and will also prove with you as a true allrounder in practical use. As the embosser image can be moved into the paper up to 11 centimeters from the edge and the paper thickness can be up to 250 g/sqm, you can literally emboss anything from A4 letter paper along with suitable envelopes up to greeting cards or tags for presents.
    By the way, the engraved embosser plates are exchangeable at very little effort so you could use the embosser with different images easily.

    Price: CHF 360.–
    (including engraved embosser plates, excluding monogram design, shipping and handling)

  • Print

    Whether the cheap, but high-quality online print shop in London or the small lover’s manufactory with the aging Heidelberg printing machine here in Zurich. I always strive to find the optimal production facility for your individual concerns and budget.

  • Digital stuff

    Hardly any monogram leaves the house without the customer’s request to being able to using this in the e-mail signature. And the creation of simple web pages in a modular system has meanwhile become DIY job too, given the numerous online services available.
    If you are searching for a professional and consistent brand design, I would like to refer you to where completely customized web design is standard.

  • Embroidery

    Depending on the individual demands, various techniques can be used. Both is possible, an automatic embroidery through using an embroidery machine, as well as producing exclusive individually crafted pieces by hand.
    Depending on the embroidery technique and the size of the motif, the costs can vary greatly. For a precise price, the finished monogram and all the details in combination with the textile substrate are required.

  • Engraving

    Given today’s technical possibilities, an incredible large number of materials or items can be engraved with an individual logotype or monogram.
    Especially we recommend our jeweler engraving partner in Munich, who is capable of high precision engraving even for very small items.