Marianne Schmollgruber is a Zurich based designer. After the art studies at the university of Linz and Berlin Weissensee, she worked in different agencies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Since 2009 she works freelance from her studio near Zurich and is dedicated to the development of customer-focused and cross-media brand design concepts.

Over time and after the birth of her two sons, however, the need to build something on her own has become bigger and bigger. And such, naturally the focus on the creation of personal monograms and signets evolved.

Each of these monograms and personal signs is unique and an expression of an individual personality. Based on especially developed questionnaires the wishes and aesthetically preferences of her clients get consequently captured and then transferred into an individual monogram or sign.

„The aim of this work is it to arrive at a timeless portrait. A portrait that will give you joy and be a beloved companion for years to come.“